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Welcome from Ashtar

Mother Mary


Those Who Believe… Will See


Ashtar's New Year's Message For 2005


Ashtar: Spiritual lights, it is I, Ashtar with you now, to assist you through year 2005. I am coming at this time to give you the New Year’s message from our perspective, myself and Athena being with you at this time. We have such a nice audience today and we have much to give, much to share, both through words and through energy. We are going to be rather astounding you, perhaps, with some energy. We hope not to scare you or to alarm you but we do wish you to know that we can touch you so realistically through vibrations and through the veil.


We come at this time to give you a little boost and to let you know what type of energy you will be facing during the next year. In this way, you will be able to make plans and you will also be able to be aware of things before they happen. At this time, we will speak first with regard to weather patterns.


Weather Patterns Are Affected By Thought


As you know from living on Earth, no matter where you are, weather is acting very strangely. Certainly you noticed it and the entire world became aware of what occurred in the southern United States this year and many parts of the Far East. Everybody got their share of increased intensity with regard to the weather. I am here to tell you this will back off just a little bit, probably not real noticeably but I can rather promise you that it won’t intensify during 2005. You will still have intense weather. You will still have what seems like misplaced weather and yet it will be more controlled. This is because you, the Lightworkers, are becoming more and more peaceful, more and more in control of your mental and emotional bodies. Just having that segment of the population understanding what is going on is beginning to balance that wild weather you have been having.


When you meditate or when you simply think about weather or speak about it, do so with a calm attitude, not with a harried attitude such as, “Oh my, what’s going to happen next?” I know it must be tremendously difficult for people who live in those areas that are vulnerable and to all of you I would say our love goes out to you. We, in the Heaven Worlds, endeavor as much as possible to quiet things, to modify the energy to help you through those times. Yes, there will be more storms. There will be more active volcanoes, there will be more earthquakes. I can definitely promise you that but I want you to know that you have come through at least 70% of Earth changes and that we aren’t seeing any land falling into the ocean this next year. Instead we’re seeing more of a buildup of positive energy.


Alternative Energy is the Way of the Future


We are going to speak of alternative energy for a few moments. We are seeing that more and more people on the Earth are becoming interested in this. From our point of view, we are very excited about that. It is Divine Order because those who live off the electrical grid are taking a step in the direction of Spirit. There is no electrical grid in the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions and as you step off that electrical grid you are increasing your vibrations and pointing the way for other people.


If you are brave enough to take this step or to take other small steps such as the modified cars that are becoming available, do those things. It is a way of teaching other people the way of the future. It is a way of showing you what it is going to be like in the finer dimensions so when you suddenly find yourself there, it won’t be such a shock to find you cannot plug in a lamp or computer. I know it’s a very big adjustment for people to go off the electrical grid, but I am suggesting that more and more people do that now if they possibly can. They are going to find much less trouble in the future when there are power outages and problems with electricity. We also see more and more inventors coming up with wonderful, helpful things that are going to assist people with alternative energy and we are very excited to give them a boost and to have them work with the manufacturers. This will come to light more as time moves along. Think of your next new car as being one of those hybrids or something that might follow in the way of an automobile that does not leave so much pollution and that is friendlier to your environment.



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