A “miracle” happened back in 1987 at the time of Harmonic Convergence. Ariana discovered how to channel and received messages from Ashtar and other invisible beings. It was an awesome experience and the printed material was shared with all who were interested. So much love, respect, wit, and wisdom was received that newsletters were created. Those who were interested in “beyond this world beings”, grew in numbers until our mail circled the planet. Ascension, channeling and self-mastery workshops were also given. Now our way of sharing is changing and we hope you enjoy our web site.

We have found that many people, in their spiritual quest, have questions and concerns about their lives, such as:

I don’t feel at home on Earth - did I come from the Stars?
There must be MORE to life for me! What is my life’s purpose?
What is happening to me? I’m seeing VISIONS and KNOWING things.
How strange! I’ve BEEN HERE BEFORE...but not in this lifetime!
Are there really UFO’s? We can’t be the ONLY populated planet!
If I told my SECRETS, I’d be sent to the funny farm for sure!

If you have ever had any of these thoughts or others that are “far out”, perhaps getting to know us could be a way for you to enhance your realizations. We have been taught that “like attracts like”. Perhaps some of the messages will provide you with understanding and guidance in your life’s path, your spiritual growth and ultimately your ascension. Our goal is to assist in the peaceful and glorious transformation of our precious planet, along with all who live upon her.

Information of depth and inspiration is brought forth clearly and lovingly by Ariana Sheran. Occasionally channelings are included from people who have taken Cloverleaf’s workshops.

We are a not-for-profit organization, wishing to share our miracle with those who feel an interest in our spirtual work. Your donations are most gratefully accepted, to help us bring more and more material to you.

We include a short example of our offerings in this web site. Further information about the body of work we are accumulating is available by mail and some of it by email. We offer the Cloverleaf channeled material through the dedicated services of Sansun, who assist in handling Cloverleaf's business affairs.


We may say our channelings come from the Universe! Ashtar, Sananda, Archangel Lord Michael, Kuthumi, St. Germain and Athena are regular visitors, along with many other spiritual beings from the Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms Spirit World and the Elemental Kingdom. Nameless beings from “beyond the beyond” have come to help prepare those who are awakening for a greater depth of spiritual awareness.