Cloverleaf’s tapes have been informally recorded during group channeling sessions or workshops. Those we have channeled in the finer realms have brought through much information for the enlightenment, love and comfort of the people living on Earth, who are awakening to the importance of our times.

Except for some of the meditations, we used ninety minute tapes, with the peaceful music of Jonn Serrie included on many of them. Jonn is well known for his romantic instrumental music, and is one of the leading composers of cosmic music today. It is relaxing and restful with a soft, meditative serenity. The music is pleasurable and soothing. We give you Jonn’s music as an introduction only, and with his permission. His cassette tapes and CD’s can be purchased from metaphysical bookstores and music centers.

Tape #14 - "Enhanced Abilities Bring Miracles"

Miracles Will Become a Way of Life!

When one reads the Bible, they are aware that many of the ways in which Jesus assisted others was through what appeared to be miracles. Now, the higher self of Jesus is coming to people in our present day and age to say that the vibrations on Earth are increasing and we are on a one-way passage to higher dimensional living. That means although the process is so slow it is almost imperceptible, it is nevertheless occurring. In order to become in tune with those energies, we must build our belief system into a knowingness. Jesus is reported to have said, "He that believeth on me the works that I do shall he do also, and grater works than these shall he do," and that signs such as the healing of the sick, would follow those who believed.

Present day "miracles" begin with healing and end with ascension. There are many, many intriguing feats in between! Several of these are explained in detail and one begins to realize that current practices of complimentary medicine fit right into this prophecy. In addition, we have all noticed feats of the mind, of prophetic dreams, visions, and manifestation that are hard to explain. It may be awhile before we walk on water, unless it has turned into ice, but the unmistakable signs are present in our everyday lives that each of us are a born with "out of this world" potential. The practical reasons for us to hone our abilities was also given, as well as some specifics that will give you incentives to begin your practice!

Tape #21 - "The Web of Light"

The Energetics of Lightworking

The channel for Web of Light was Dalphiaana. In 1987, when Cloverleaf was spiritually born and long before the Internet came into existence, the prophecy of the Web of Light came to us. The first point in Cloverleaf's goal is "To create a Web of Light and love among people around the world, to support and assist in universal evolution." Dalphiaana was inspired to do this channeling while we had visitors from Australia, to help us understand there are Lightworkers all around the Earth, and through networking, and stretching our "hands across the waters" we connect and more Light is created. This is also called "grid work." It is this interconnectedness, this electromagnetic energy, that is needed for the ascension of Mother Earth and all life upon her. The energetics of ascension is explained very well on this tape.

The discourse on the other side is called "The Battle of Armaggedon is Within." The title aptly explains the many emotional scenarios that people are going through now. As we ask for more Light, negative energies leave and sometimes itís a tough process!

Tape #36 - "Personal Empowerment Meditation"

Thanks to Lightworkers, a meditation with Sananda

This is an exercise in loving yourself and giving yourself inner peace. People experience emotional trauma from time to time, and one of our lessons in life is to learn how to handle them. Ashtar says your ego self fights with your God self and tries to make things the way you want them, instead of leaving it up to divine will and the perfect outcome for the situation involved. One sometimes thinks they are all alone and they have to make a situation right, instead of asking assistance from guidance and surrendering to the power of God, Light and Love. This is another of Cloverlear's teaching meditations. You learn to take your own power, and feel the magnificence of that power!

Tape #72- "The Universe Speaks!"
Father-Mother God and Messengers

B. Your Chakra System's Spiritual Connections

Side A begins with a tremendously highly energized session, which you can tune into just by meditating along with this tape. It begins with a profound energy infusion from the Father-Mother God and all of our guides and friends in spirit, including St. Germain, Sai Baba, Ashtar, Athena, Jycondria, Kuthumi, Sananda and all the archangels, devas and friends in spirit. The love of the universe is truly felt within this energy, in this highly experiential tape. It continues with a status report for Earth and explanation about the Earth Mother's choice to ascend. There is an explanation as to why there are so many Earth changes and the status of people who die during them. Archangel Lord Michael later comes to explain more about lightening up our planet.

The channeling on Side B. was another highly loving session, which explained metaphysics from yet a different point of view. Ideas touched on included the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and their relation to our three higher chakras.

Tape #75 - "Understanding Millennium Changes"

Side B: Babies Bring More than Love to Earth

During one of our group gatherings, Ashtar came with a welcome update which included a long question and answer session. The results were interesting and diversified. The question about Avatars who are now coming to Earth to assist our planet resulted in a discussion where we were advised we are all modern-day Avatars, who are realizing and beginning to practice our innate Christ Consciousness. We were encouraged to work doubly hard on learning how to do our enhanced abilities.

On Side B, when a newborn baby was brought into our midst during the retreat, Sananda came with a wonderful tribute to the "indigo babies". They are coming to our planet now, as well as information on how parents can be assisted by using their awareness in the raising of children and teenagers. A very beneficial tape for parents, grandparents, teachers and anybody who has children in their lives during these interesting and exciting times.

Tape #76 - "Soaring Through Millenium Energy"
Ashtar says, "Hang onto your hats! You're in for quite a ride!"

He spoke with humanity about millenium energy and our attitude to the changes that could occur during the year 2000 and beyond. We were told history is being made and to be aware that the many vast changes that are expected to occur will come with inner frustrations and high emotion inside of people. It is most important to remain balanced and reach out your hand to others in helpfulleness and remain in a space of love and joy, knowing that all is in divine order.

Part two came more than a month later, and we called it, "The Dawning of a New Era of Time Has Begun." Ashtar wanted to remind us that spirit is close to every person who lives on Earth, and got into some very innovative concepts about space explorations from Earth, among other topics.

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